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Mi Casa - Su Casa Hampton Lakes
  1. What is the maximum number of people allowed in the villa?

  2. HAMPTON LAKES: We have sleeping and eating facilities for a maximum of 10 persons plus infant

  3. HIGHLANDS RESERVE: We have sleeping and eating facilities for a maximum of 8 persons no infant facilities

  4. What orientation is the pool?

  5. HAMPTON LAKES: The pool orientation is south west

  6. HIGHLANDS RESERVE: The pool orientation is west

  7. Does the pool back in to other properties?

  8. HAMPTON LAKES: The pool does not back onto any other villas, it has a lake view

  9. HIGHLANDS RESERVE: The pool does not back onto any other villas, we have trees and shrubs for added privacy.

  10. Are smoking or pets allowed?

  11. HAMPTON LAKES/HIGHLANDS RESERVE: We have a NO smoking and NO pets policy.

  12. What is the distance from your home to the main attractions?

  13. HAMPTON LAKES/HIGHLANDS RESERVE: We are approximately 12 minutes drive from the main gate of the Disney parks.

  14. How do we get directions and gain access to your home?

  15. HAMPTON LAKES/HIGHLANDS RESERVE: After your final balance has been paid in FULL and CLEARED, you will given a password access area, where the address and driving directions will be available to download.

  16. Is the pool heated?

  17. HAMPTON LAKES/HIGHLANDS RESERVE: Pool heat is an optional extra that can be prebooked or paid for on arrival for our prearranged costs

  18. What stores are nearby?

  19. HAMPTON LAKES: Publix supermarket is a mere 2 min drive away together with local liquor store and some takeaway facilities. A further 5 min drive is a Wal*Mart superstore

  20. HIGHLANDS RESERVE: Publix supermarket is within a short walking distance, although a car is recommended if purchasing more than can be carried comfortably. Again Wal*Mart is a short drive for a 24 hour service

  21. Are there any Restaurants nearby?

  22. HAMPTON LAKES/HIGHLANDS RESERVE: There is a number of eating establishments within a very short distance of our homes. The Plaza that is situated by the Publix supermarket. We have a Fish & Chip restaurant, Pizza restaurant, Applebees chain restaurant. Further on by Wal*Mart there is a Chilli’s KFC. McDonalds, Devenneys Irish Bar, Dockside sports bar just to name a few.  We also have a number of coupons in our home information file for many other establishments within the vicinity

  23. What services are available?

  24. HAMPTON LAKES/HIGHLANDS RESERVE: Our management company provide a clean prior to your arrival and after you departure, The pool is maintained on a WEEKLY basis to keep it sparkling.  Should you need any assistance a phone call to them will assist you.

  25. Where are the closest medical services?

  26. HAMPTON LAKES/HIGHLANDS RESERVE: We hope your stay will be accident free, however should you need any medical services.  A hospital is just 10 minutes drive away south on the Highway 27 (Heart of Florida). Other walk in centres are available in the local vicinity, a more comprehensive list is available in the information file at our home.  If you are in any doubt, call our management company, they will put you in the right direction.

  27. Are there any extras that have to be paid for?

  28. HAMPTON LAKES/HIGHLANDS RESERVE: Everything you see in the photos on our adverts are totally included in the price you pay for. NO HIDDEN EXTRAS.

  29. Who do we contact if we have any emergencies?

  30. HAMPTON LAKES/HIGHLANDS RESERVE: Our management company is available should you need anything.  They are just a phone call away,  One point please, if you do call them out of hours on an NON emergency, a charge will be levied to the guest.

  31. What payment methods can I use?

  32. HAMPTON LAKES/HIGHLANDS RESERVE: We have tried to give you as much flexibility as possible for your own individual needs.  Our preferred method of payment is US currency via credit card, however with prior arrangement we accept UK currency. Please refer to our payments page for full details.

  33. How do we book?

  34. HAMPTON LAKES/HIGHLANDS RESERVE: We have an on-line pre booking form for your first initial contact.  We will contact you within 24hours when ever possible to confirm your dates are available, and a booking form and confirmation of costs will be emailed to you.

  35. More Questions?

  36. Please do not hesitate to contact us via our “contact us” page with any questions we have not been able to answer with our FAQ’s